Librarian 2o - A sneak peek

 Its been several years in the making. Several stops and many more starts. The completely re-built version  of the Librarian is now here. It is not perfect, but it full of promises for future development.

What's changed?

Honestly, not much (on the outside). Under the hood though, it is a very different story. We took out everything that was extraneous to the tool and re-organized it so that different components can be improved separately without breaking each other whenever a bug is fixed or a feature added.

Visually, we have increased the size of the window an designed it as a floating window with the option to dock. The properties panel is integrated into the librarian window. You can still hide and go back to the old style if you still choose.

We've removed the health stats. While it was the most challenging part of the app from a development perspective, we did not find enough reasons for its existence in an app whose purported objective is to manage libraries.

We are left with a very minimal app that does only one thing... and we hope it does it well.

Future Steps

We have been listening to our users. We will extend the librarian to store and distribute things other than just Revit families. Keep those ideas pouring in.