Family Reporter


Designed for BIM Managers and individuals responsible for maintaining the Revit Model, the Family Reporter v2.0.0 and later releases are a significant departure from v1.0 in terms of both appearance and functionality. This tool allows one to query the model's families and imports including those that are nested deep within the project's families. The added property panel and tools allows one to study the individual properties of each family and open, delete, or clean individual families or imports. This includes the ability to purge the model of those pesky CAD Styles that appear with the import.


Tree View

View lists of Families and Imported objects as a Tree showing all nested items. Families display their internal properties whereas Imports can be further expanded to show layers.

Grid View

The Grid view mode allows for easier reading of Project-level properties in a family. Imports and nested families are not displayed in this view. This view can be modified using the buttons available at the bottom of the panel to group all the families in a project by Category and then using column-headers the families can be sorted by Size, number of instances in a project, or alphabetically by name.

Node Functions

Depending on whether you select a Family Node or an Import Node, the tools available to you in the tool bar (to the left) or in the right-click menu will vary.

Family Tools

• Open Family Document:

• Delete Selected Family:

This works for all families within the project document. This works for nested families if the family to be deleted is not part of the original family template. For example section tails and similar annotation families cannot be deleted from within the family. The Family Reporter may remove the family from the interface by apparently deleting the family, but in reality they are not deleted. Hence they re-appear when the report is generated another time.

• Purge CAD Styles:

This removes all CAD Layers from the selected Family or Project Document and all nested documents. This is a powerful tool and will need to be used with care.

Import Tools

• Delete Import:

As the name indicates, this tool deletes the selected import within the project even if the import is within a family

• Delete All CAD Styles:

Similar to its cousin within the Family Tools, this tool will remove all CAD Layer Styles from the Import

• Delete Checked CAD Styles:

Deletes all CAD Layers within a project whose layer names are checked within the Tree view interface


Export To CSV

Available under 'Settings', this feature allows you to save Project-Level Families and Imports out into a spreadsheet using the CSV format. Note that the default formatting is Semi-colon separated as opposed to the 'Comman-Separated' format. Users will have an option to change this default in the process of exporting to CSV.

Create Project XML

This option is dedicated to capturing all family properties including those of nested families within an XML file format.