UpgradeBlocker 1.0.0


When your office has numerous Revit Projects spread across a few versions and several teams, preventing accidental upgrades and opening the Central Model directly becomes critical. While the Revit Application warns users about an upgrade and defaults to opening the Local Model even when the user attempts to open the Central Model, accidents do occur. (Hey, we don't live in a perfect world where everyone reads every disclaimer and always makes rational decisions). This App is a fail-safe for those moments where either through lack of training or lapses in judgement, the user attempts to open a model in a later version of Revit than the version that it was created in or attempts to open the Central Model directly (simply double-clicking in windows explorer will do it.)


Upgrade Warning Before Upgrade Begins

Revit's default action when opening a model that was created in a previous version is to begin an upgrade and then display a warning dialog to the user indicating that the upgrade is in progress with an option to cancel. While this works with most files, users don't really get to cancel the upgrade when working with small files one fast computers. Another scenario is where the user opens the file directly through windows explorer. The windows operating system decides which version of Revit to use to open the file (Typically the last installed version of Revit).

Upgrade Blocker warns the user before opening the file with the option to cancel. Please note that the user has the ability to disable the App at any time for the duration of the session.

Prevent Save of Upgraded File

If the user decides to upgrade the file regardless of the warning, the 'Save Preventer' will only allow a 'Save As' operation instead of the 'Save' option. This forces the user to carefully consider whether he or she wants to overwrite the existing file with the upgraded version or save a copy as the upgraded version of the model.

Prevent Direct Opening of Central Model

Opening of Central Models directly especially when other users are working on the project is particularly risky in terms of data loss. This App prevents the opening of Central Models and forces the user to open the model with 'Detach from Central' enabled. This function is especially useful when occasional Revit users double-click to open the model through Windows Explorer

Disable App Temporarily

This App can be temporarily disabled for the entirety of a session. This is especially useful if the user is performing maintenance operations on the model and does not need the safety features of this App. This feature can be accessed through the 'RUTILITIES>UpgradeBlocker' button in the the 'Addins' Tab.

App Customization

SpiceTools Technologies offers further customization of the App on request. Customization may include custom messages when opening files based on any standard conditions such as filepaths, Revit Versions, Usernames, build numbers and the like. Please contact our support alias for more details.